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Understanding Ice Crystals on Windows and Navigating Mold Concerns

2/3/2024 (Permalink)

Window Ice Crystals Ice crystals on windows can cause excessive moisture and could lead to mold growth in your home. Call SERVPRO for mold remediation.

In the chilly embrace of winter, many of us have witnessed the captivating transformation of our windows into intricate canvases of ice crystals. While this frosty spectacle may be visually appealing, it's essential to understand the science behind why these delicate formations occur and the potential implications for our indoor environment.

Ice crystals on windows materialize when warm indoor air collides with the cold surface of the window. As the warm air comes into contact with the frigid glass, it loses heat. This cooling process causes the moisture present in the air to condense and freeze, giving birth to the mesmerizing patterns we observe.

However, the journey of ice crystals doesn't end with their aesthetic display; it intertwines with the dynamics of indoor humidity. The condensation forming on windows signifies excess moisture in the air. While the ice crystals themselves do not pose a direct threat, the underlying moisture can become a breeding ground for potential issues, with mold being a notable concern.

Excessive indoor humidity, often exacerbated by poor ventilation, can create a damp environment conducive to mold growth. The moisture accumulated on windows provides a starting point for mold spores to flourish if not properly addressed. Mold, in addition to being unsightly, can pose health risks and deteriorate the structural integrity of buildings.

To mitigate the risk of mold, it's crucial to strike a balance between maintaining indoor comfort and controlling humidity levels. Adequate ventilation, such as using exhaust fans and ensuring proper airflow, can help dissipate excess moisture. Additionally, addressing any potential sources of water leakage or seepage is vital in preventing mold from taking hold.

As we marvel at the enchanting beauty of ice crystals on our windows this winter, let's also be mindful of the invisible dance between temperature and humidity. By taking proactive measures to manage indoor moisture, we can enjoy the winter spectacle while safeguarding our living spaces from potential mold-related challenges.

If you find yourself dealing with persistent moisture issues or suspect mold growth, it's wise to take prompt action. Consider reaching out to professionals like SERVPRO of West Akron at 330-867-5723, who specialize in water damage restoration and mold remediation. Our expertise can help assess and address the situation effectively, ensuring a thorough and safe resolution to any mold-related concerns. Remember, a quick response can make a significant difference in preserving both the aesthetics and health of your living space.

Navigating the Seasons: What to Expect from a Restoration Company Year-Round in Akron, Ohio

12/14/2023 (Permalink)

Roof Shingles Damaged A storm in Akron, Ohio caused roof damage. SERVPRO was here to help restore and rebuild.

As the seasons change, so do the challenges that homeowners face when it comes to property maintenance. Whether it's the scorching heat of summer, the brisk winds of fall, the icy grasp of winter, or the refreshing rains of spring, each weather season brings unique demands. For those who have experienced damage to their homes, a reliable restoration company is essential. Let's explore what you can expect from a restoration company during each of the four seasons, with a special focus on SERVPRO of West Akron as the preferred local company in Akron, Ohio.

Spring: Renewal and Vigilance

With the arrival of spring, homeowners can anticipate a surge in restoration activities. The thawing of winter often reveals hidden damages caused by freezing temperatures. Restoration experts, including SERVPRO, are ready to address issues such as water damage, mold growth, and other problems that may have gone unnoticed during the colder months. Timely inspections and proactive measures are key during this season to ensure a clean slate for the upcoming warmer months.

Summer: Battling the Elements

As temperatures rise, so do the risks of fire-related incidents and water damage due to summer storms. A proficient restoration company like SERVPRO understands the urgency of addressing fire and water-related issues promptly. Whether it's restoring a property after a fire or mitigating water damage from heavy rains, their trained professionals are equipped to handle the challenges that summer may bring.

Fall: Preparing for Winter's Chill

The transition from warm to cooler temperatures signals the time for severe storms. Restoration companies play a crucial role in helping homes that affected by fall storm damage. This includes roof tarping roofs and boarding up homes that strong storms damaged. SERVPRO’s local expertise makes them a reliable choice for homeowners looking to restore and rebuild their homes from severe storm damage. 

Winter: Frosty Challenges and Swift Solutions

Winter often brings with it frozen pipes, ice dams, and other cold-related issues that can wreak havoc on homes. Restoration companies, such as SERVPRO, are well-versed in dealing with these winter-specific challenges. Their ability to respond promptly to emergencies, mitigate damages, and provide solutions sets them apart as a preferred choice during the colder months.

SERVPRO of West Akron is Your Trusted Restoration Company Year-Round

A reputable restoration company is a homeowner's ally throughout the changing seasons. SERVPRO of West Akron, as the preferred local restoration company, stands out for its commitment to excellence and timely response. Whether it's spring's renewal, summer's battles, fall preparations, or winter's frosty challenges, SERVPRO of West Akron is equipped to handle it all. By choosing SERVPRO, homeowners can rest assured that their properties are in capable hands, no matter what weather challenges come their way.

Emergency Ready Profile for your Commercial Building in Akron, Ohio

9/13/2023 (Permalink)

hallway air movers A commercial building in Akron, Ohio experienced a water damage. The crews were able to dry-out the structure by using SERVPRO air movers.

Is your Building Ready for a Water, Storm or Fire Disaster?

Did you know that 50% of businesses do not reopen after a water or fire disaster? It's time for you to be "Ready for whatever happens". SERVPRO of West Akron to offer an Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) to commercial buildings. It is a free assessment with a no obligation comprehensive document that contains critical information about your building, including emergency contact information, shut-off valve locations and priority areas. Having this information in hand helps you and SERVPRO of West Akron to react to an unexpected event like a flood, pipe break, sprinkler malfunction, toilet overflow or fire to help quickly and effectively minimize interruption. And, because disasters are unexpected, there is a Smartphone app and web version of the Program available to provide you with access to your ERP 24/7. Plus, it puts you as one of our top accounts and therefore you will be at the top of our list for any emergency clean up and mitigation during storm situations. If you are interested, please contact our office at 330-867-5723 and ask for one of our sales representatives to schedule an Emergency Preparedness Plan (ERP) for your commercial building in the Akron, Stow, Tallmadge, and surrounding Ohio areas. 

What is an ERP?

  • A no-cost assessment of your facility.
  • A concise profile document containing only the critical information needed in the event of an emergency.
  • A guide to help you get back into your building following a disaster.
  • Establishes SERVPRO of West Akron as your professional disaster mitigation and restoration provider.
  • Identification if the line of command for authorizing work to begin. 
  • Provides facility details such as shut-off valve locations, priority areas and priority contact information.

Please don't wait until a water, storm or fire disaster strikes your building, CALL US TODAY to schedule or Emergency Ready Profile. 

5 Things Not to Do After a Fire Damages Your Akron, Ohio Home

5/28/2023 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Home SERVPRO of West Akron restored this home in Akron, Ohio that had fire, smoke and water damage.

After a house fire your home will suffer from extensive fire, smoke, and water damage. In the aftermath of a fire, no matter the size, it is important to know what not to do. After the fire department has gone, it is best to hire a professional restoration company to board up your structure and begin the cleanup process. As a homeowner you do not want to cause further damage or not properly restore your damaged contents or structure. SERVPRO of West Akron can assist with restoring all your damaged possessions and property back to preloss condition.

You or your restoration company should contact your insurance agent or insurance company immediately to report the fire loss and begin the claim process. A lot of this information is included in the fire report. You can obtain a copy from your local fire department. The information needed to file the claim:

  • Date and time of fire
  • Location
  • Cause of fire (if known)
  • Amount of damage done to the structure and/or its contents

Take pictures of the fire damage. A fire is overwhelming, but the sooner you can photograph everything before there is further damage or personal items are removed. As soon as the fire department allows you to enter, take as many pictures of the property as possible.

A house fire can be devastating and feel overwhelming. Below are 5 things NOT to do after a fire:

  1. Depending on the extent of the fire damage it may not be safe to stay in your home. There are many factors to consider after a house fire that could make your home dangerous. The structure of the house may be unstable, exterior might be at risk of collapsing, asbestos contamination, or live electrical lines.
  2. Do not throw away anything. A restoration company will examine clothing, bedding, carpets, or other household goods. Some of your personal items retain their value after they have been salvaged and restored. Do not throw anything away without consulting your insurance adjuster. You might be tossing away something that is needed to prove your claim, such as photos and receipts. The adjuster may take your word for certain items (furniture, appliances, etc.) but will probably want to see invoices or receipts for the cost of others.
  3. Do not repair or replace anything until you have written permission from your homeowners’ insurance company. Your insurance company should already be familiar with the extent of damage to your home, but it is important that they authorize any repairs before you begin work. If it is not approved your insurance company could deny payment for restoration services
  4. Do not cancel any of your utility services. Your restoration company will need to use them while repairs are being done, be sure you are current on all bills and that no deposits are required before service is restored.
  5. Do not wash any clothes or other items made with fabric materials in a normal washing machine or take it to the dry cleaners without expert advice. These items are likely to need specialist smoke removal treatment to extract all the toxic smoke from them. Washing the items yourself may embed the odor more into the fabric or even ruin your washing machine.

After the Fire Department Leaves, Call SERVPRO of West Akron to Restore and Rebuild your Home from Fire and Smoke Damage

The SERVPRO of West Akron crews know just how devastating a fire can be. Fire and water damage can leave your house unsafe and unlivable. Our crews are trained to clean and restore your home with as little disruption as possible. We work with all major insurance companies documenting our process from beginning to end.

Every smoke and fire damage is different and requires a unique solution tailored for the specific conditions. SERVPRO have advanced drying equipment, expertise, and experience to restore your damaged property. Our team will treat your family with empathy and respect and your property with care.

Whether the job is big or small we will be there to help make “it never like it even happened,” so you can get back into your home. Call us at 330-867-5723 or visit our website:

Mold on Drywall in Your Akron, OH Home

2/15/2023 (Permalink)

Men Standing Basement SERVPRO technicians wearing personal protective equipment to remove mold on drywall in an Akron, Ohio basement.

Mold on drywall may result from a leaking or broken pipe, a leak in the roof, or basement flooding after a severe storm. It is tempting to just wipe the mold off the surface of the wall, but finding mold can be a big job, since there is a possibility there can also be mold inside the walls, including in the insulation and on wooden studs within the walls. Calling a mold remediation company is a good idea to have them safely and effectively deal with removing mold on drywall.

Porous materials like drywall have tiny holes or pores which can make the mold get trapped and difficult, usually impossible, to adequately remove mold. Unseen mold trapped in the pores of drywall can grow and spread and can also cause health problems. Since there is no effective way to remove mold from the pores of the drywall, the affected drywall must be removed and replaced. Removing drywall must be done carefully because cutting into moldy drywall causes mold spores to become airborne and spread.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises that if mold covers more than 10 square feet, a professional remediation company should be hired to remove the mold. If it is a smaller job that you plan to handle yourself.

Furniture and other items should be removed from the area if possible or cover items securely with sheets of heavy plastic to protect them from mold spores. Cover heating and air conditioning vents to prevent mold spores from entering your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. A containment area should be made by using a large sheet of heavy plastic to tape over the doorway or area being remediated to keep mold spores from drifting out of the room and into other areas of the home. Also cover your floor with plastic to prevent the flooring from becoming contaminated with mold.

Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) like disposable gloves, disposable hair and shoe covers, and an N-95 or N-99 face mask should be worn during the mold removal process. The process of removing drywall that is contaminated with mold exposes you to mold spores that can make you sick if you fail to take the necessary safety precautions. First the drywall should be sprayed with water to prevent mold spores from becoming airborne as the drywall is taken down. The moldy pieces of drywall should be enclosed in heavy plastic trash bags before you carry them through the house, so as to prevent scattering mold spores.

If You Need Assistance with Mold Removal

If you think you may have a mold problem and need assistance with mold removal, call SERVPRO of West Akron at 330-867-5723. Our trained crew will examine and answer any questions you have about the mold removal process or visit:

Water and Mold Damage From Winter Pipe-Breaks in Akron, OH

12/30/2022 (Permalink)

Ice Pipe Frozen pipes that burst can cause water and mold damage to your Akron, Ohio home.

Ending 2022 with Winter Storm Elliott has overwhelmingly damaged many homes and commercial buildings in Akron, Ohio with water damage due to pipe-breaks. If water isn’t extracted and structure completely dried within 24-48 hours than mold growth will begin. There are a few simple steps that property owners can do to save thousands of dollars. Taking the necessary steps to avoid structural mold growth after a water damage will not only preserve the integrity of a building but also the health of its occupants. If tackling water restoration to prevent mold growth on your own, home and business owners must be proactive, act quickly, and use proper personal protection equipment when implementing the following 6 steps:

  1. Turn off the main water supply to your home and call your local plumber. Remove any standing water using a pump or a wet vac.
  2. Remove wet carpets, rugs, draperies, and personal belongings.
  3. Remove and discard water-saturated sheetrock and insulation 18 inches above the highest watermark to increase structural drying. Remove water-damaged flexible ductwork and water-damaged insulation around metal ductwork.
  4. Dry the structure out as quickly as possible as structural mold will begin to form in the first 24-48 hours. As soon as the above removal steps are completed, turn up the heat, circulate the air with fans, and use a dehumidifier to keep the indoor humidity below 50 percent. Hot, dry air dries things faster than cold moist air. If there is no electricity, open windows, and doors to get air moving to speed up the drying process, if weather permits.
  5. Use s HEPA filter air scrubbers to remove any kind of mold particles from the air. 
  6. Don’t use bleach to clean mold. Bleach is an effective sanitizer, but it will not remove mold at its “root”. The mold will look like it’s gone but it is not; it will only grow back.

Call SERVPRO of West Akron today if Mold Begins to Grow

We have what it takes to restore your home or business if you experience water or mold damage. Our crews have the experience, reliability, ability to do the job, and the honesty to take care of your home and the possessions inside it. We know what it takes to restore your Tallmadge, Stow, Cuyahoga Falls, Munroe Falls and Akron property to make it, “Like it never even happened.” Call us 24-hours a day, no job is too small to big for our team. We are always here to help at 330-867-5723 or visit our website at

Causes of a Flooded Basement in Fairlawn, Ohio

9/20/2022 (Permalink)

basement water A Fairlawn home experienced a flooded basement after a severe storm. The SERVPRO crews quickly restored their home.

A flooded basement can occur any day or any time of the year. A basement can flood from weather related events such as a heavy rainfall or rapid snowmelt to older homes from dilapidated pipes or even the location of the home near a body of water.

Below are other causes from basement flooding:

  • Foundation cracks
  • Broken basement windows
  • Poor-draining window wells
  • Sewer system problems
  • Sump pump problems
  • Improperly sealed basement walls
  • House located at the bottom of a slope
  • Weeping tile blockage
  • Overflowing rain gutters
  • Improper downspout locations
  • Appliance leaks
  • Overflowing toilet or bathtub
  • Drainage system failure
  • Water heater failure

Proper home maintenance can prevent many of the above problems and could help save you in future water claims. For example, checking rain gutters and removing all debris. Sealing any cracks in your foundation as well as having your old pipes checked by a certified plumber to help prevent any leaking or breaking. For homes that sit on a slope, add landscaping or drainage pits to help reroute any excess water.

Call SERVPRO of West Akron for a Flooded Basement in Fairlawn, Ohio

If you have a water or flood damage to your home or business, SERVPRO of West Akron has emergency services 24 hours a day – 7 days a week! Our crews are highly trained to remove the damaged materials and begin the restoration process using specialized equipment to determine the wet areas, extracting any standing water and placing fans and dehumidifiers to remove all excess moisture to restore your home to "Like it never even happened."

Call SERVPRO of West Akron your local water restoration and cleanup company at 330-867-5723!

SERVPRO Raving Fan Customer Water Restoration Reviews

9/12/2022 (Permalink)

Man Sitting Joe is a project manager at SERVPRO of West Akron. Ask for Joe if you need a water or fire damage cleanup at 330-867-5723.

We strive every day to ensure that our quality of work is up to the highest standard and we are always so happy to get positive feedback from our customers.

Here are some recent quotes from real customers:

All I can say is thank you - thank you SERVPRO. I had a major flood in my basement, and being a new homeowner was more overwhelming than I could have ever imagined. Crying didn’t help but then I was told to call SERVPRO. they will take care of everything. and they did. And when I say everything, I mean everything. Joe, SERVPRO rep, came and sat with me and calmed me and went over the whole procedure. Then he had a team come out. They moved everything and got all the water out. There was a lot ruined and damaged, and needed to be trashed, but nothing was thrown out till my okay, and they took bags and bags and bags out. I never had to do one thing from beginning to end. They set up 16 fans to dry for 3 days and then came back to go over everything to make sure all was good. Completely dry and fresh smelling. I had a contractor come to put in a new water heater, and he could not say enough what a wonderful job SERVPRO did. He also said he would have told me to go to SERVPRO anyway. He’s been in situations like this before and usually there is always that slight musty smell, not mine!

Thank you SERVPRO. Vivian

They came and removed water damaged carpet and paneling from a room in my basement.
Extremely cordial, helpful answered all questions and examined what needed to be done and why .
Joe was extremely nice encouraging and knowledgeable about water damage .
Loved them
Thank you  CW

If water damage, from the smallest overflow from a toilet to full house flood from a pipe burst, threatens your home or office call SERVPRO of West Akron at 330-867-5723 and ask for Joe!

Storm Damage in Akron, Ohio? What's Covered?

9/12/2022 (Permalink)

Garage A recent storm in Akron, Ohio caused damage to this garage. Make sure that you have the proper insurance coverage to restore any damage after a storm.

After a storm you may experience storm damage, how do you know if your covered?

After a storm comes through Akron, Ohio many homeowners will have to file a claim after discovering missing shingles, hail damage or even loose siding. Homeowners have insurance to protect their dwelling and their belongings against storm and flood damage. However, some damage is not covered under an insurance policy. There is insurance to cover such damage, but sometimes an insurance company may not pay out a weather-related home claim if it feels that the homeowner has not maintained their property.

What is wear and tear on a home?

A severe storm can cause shingles to lift and fall off, siding may be ripped off or hail damage to both roof and siding. Although, if a roof has already been damaged by age and general wear and tear then the insurance company may not cover the claim. When it comes to flooding from severe rainfall, a claim can be disputed against gutters that have not been kept clear of leaves and other debris can contribute to water damage to the property and may not be covered. When basements are water damaged a question of how the water entered comes into question. Do you have sump pump, foundation or even drain back up coverage? If it is not in your policy for coverage than you will not be covered. It is important to report a storm damage claim within 48 hours to make sure secondary damage does not occur. Calling a water damage restoration company such as SERVPRO can help you with determine how your water damaged happened. SERVPRO of West Akron works with all major insurance companies in water claims. We have the knowledge and experience with storm, wind, and water damage. To make sure your storm claim will be covered it is important to maintain your property along with checking your insurance company to see what your policy covers. If you are affected by a storm or water damage this Spring season, please call the professionals at SERVPRO of West Akron at 330-867-5723.

How to Deal with Fire and Smoke Damage in a Home or Business in Akron, Ohio

9/8/2022 (Permalink)

Charred Building A fire damage to a commercial building in Akron, Ohio. Call the SERVPRO team if you need Cleaning, Restoration or Construction.

How to Deal with Fire and Smoke Damage in a Home or Business in Akron, Ohio

Even though it is not common for fire loss, soot damage, smoke damage or air quality problems to occur in any business or home today, trying to get things back in order is often a daunting task and traumatic experience for everyone involved. People and businesses can lose everything that they have in a matter of minutes without any advance preparation for fire loss, soot damage, smoke damage or air quality problems to be taken care of properly. Therefore, once the commercial fire damage consumes part or all of the property that it hits, people will need to devise a solid and reasonable commercial fire damage plan to restore everything that they can to a pre-fire damage condition. So, for those of you who may be interested in what a fire in home or fire in business restoration plan may entail, here’s a few things that you should know if this kind of fire loss, soot damage, smoke damage or air quality problems tragic situation happens to your home or business operation.

Typically, when a commercial fire damage situation hits any place, there are some common damages that will often occur every time. Specifically, when the fire department is called to the fire in home or fire in business site to put all of the commercial fire damage flames out. For instance, when a firefighter enters the fire in home or fire in business property, their first line of commercial fire damage defense is to use lots of water to extinguish the fire completely. Meaning once the fire has been extinguished, the steps that they have taken to control the fire will leave back ashes as well as quite a bit of fire loss, soot damage, smoke damage or air quality problems So, when a fire in home or fire in business restoration plan is put into place, it usually consists of getting rid of all of the flood waters, the fire and smoke damage.

To clean up these fire loss, soot damage, smoke damage or air quality problems damages properly, the best recommendations for restoring things back to its original condition is to contact a professional fire restoration company to assist with the clean-up. These teams are trained in a variety of different related clean-up measures including using the latest professional equipment, tools, and procedures. In fact, these professionals will make sure all of the water is dried up properly, fire damaged items are removed, and any smoke damage is taking care of without a hint of it being left behind. Therefore, these specialists may start by utilizing professional commercial heavy weight vacuums to remove all of the water from the carpeting. This equipment is essential for making sure the fire damage carpeting does not hold moisture that leads to mold and mildew in hidden fire cleanup places.

In addition to removing all of the water properly from the fire cleanup site, these fire cleanup crews are also trained in dealing with fire damage that need to be cleaned-up. More importantly, these fire in home or fire in business professionals are also trained in helping a business owner or a homeowner with saving items that can be salvaged and discarding or throwing items that cannot. Either way, the fire cleanup recommendations that they make to the business owner and their representatives will help to not only save money, but also time in getting things done as quickly as possible. With their fire cleanup efforts, the business can get back to business as soon as it is physically possible.

Cleaning up a property after fire damage does not have to be a monumental task for those who have been affected by the fire. This is because there are professional fire damage restoration teams of people that can assist with removing fire damage items, vacuuming up the waters that have been left back and restoring the area to a pre-fire condition as quickly as possible.

Since each smoke and fire damage situation is a little different, each one requires a unique solution tailored for the specific conditions. We have the equipment, expertise, and experience to restore your fire and smoke damage. We will also treat you with empathy and respect and your property with care.

Have Questions about Fire, Smoke, or Soot Damage?
Call Us Today – SERVPRO of West Akron 330-867-5723 or 
Visit for more information on fire damage.